Accepting Applications

It’s an exciting time for us right now. With this last year being so good to us, it’s time to keep moving things forward. Right now we have our hands full and in looking to match the demand for our services, it’s time for us to grow.

So, formally, we are accepting applications for a full-time web designer position. Please only apply if you have the skills to develop websites like these: | | | |

We will be most impressed with applicants that can bring the following skills to the table:

  • XHTML / CSS valid scripting
  • Javascript / Ajax general knowledge
  • Backend languages like PHP and MySql aren’t foreign to you
  • You are familiar with Flash and actionscript
  • WordPress and Os Commerce are your friends
  • You can create clean and beautiful designs for various industries
  • You are likeable, work hard, and love to better the web

Although we would like for you to be local (Utah) we have no problem having you telecommute if you knock our socks off. Keep in mind, we are NOT looking for a firm whether state-side or overseas to outsource to. We are looking for an individual that can make things happen. Please send a BRIEF resume with 5 of your best websites to

We look forward to viewing your work!

Patrick Bennett
Modern Blue

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